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Small Business Grants

Let Uncle Sam Start or Expand Your Business

Entrepreneuring is the surest way to become a Millionaire in the USA*

Every Year Over 1,000,000 Entrepreneurs Get Free Grants Money and or Loans from The U.S. Government.

There are thousands of Grants, Low Interest Loans, Government Contracts and Free Services To Live The American Dream.

Countless Grants & Loan Programs

$350,000 Grants when The Banks Turn You Down
$150,000 With One-Page Application
$100,000 For Women Entrepreneurs
Your Rich Uncle Sam Will Co-Sign Your Loan
$10,000 For a New Sign For Your Store
$150,000 To Buy Real Estate
$20,000 For Each New Employee
$25,000 To Start A Day Care Center
$1,000 For a New Business Computer In Your Home
$10,000 Mom & Pop Small Business Grant
$10 Million Bond For Your Business
$35,000 For Low Income Entrepreneurs
Rent Discounts For Retailers
$2,100 When You Hire A New Employee
Free Tax Consulting
Free Confidential Business Counseling
$7,500 Grant For A New Storefront
$4 Million To Start A Business In New Jersey
$25,000 For Every Job You Create
$25,000 For Women To Start A Home Business
$1,000 Per Employee For Training
$75,000 To Create A Job In North Dakota
$250,000 Grant To Start A Business In Certain Zip Codes
$10,000 For a Business With Less than 5 Employees
$25,000 To Give Your Employees Computer Skills
Free Workshops For Writing A Business Plan

$1,000 Grant To Attend A Trade Show
$1.5 Million to Start A Business In A Small Town
$5,000 For Teenagers To Start A Business
$1.8 Million To Start A Small Airline Business
$500,000 To Work On Your Invention
$300,000 For An Exporting Business
$782,000 To Buy A Ranch
$1 Million To Start A Business Overseas
$150,000 To Provide Child Care for Employees
$5,000 To Make Your Business Handicap Accessible
$3,000 To Hire An Employee From A Certain Zip Code
$10,000 To Purchase Art For Your Business
$6,250 To Provide Drug and Alcohol Treatment to Employees
$500,000 To Start A Tourist Attraction
$2,500 If You Hire A Teacher For the Summer
10 Years Tax Free Business
$5,000 For Employees' Long Term Care
No Taxes For Web Hosting Businesses
$2,000 To Install A Sprinkler System
$500,000 To Start A Natural Foods Store
$250,000 To Start A Business In Poland
$150 To Start A Dog Walking Business
$25,000 For People With NO Money To Start A Business
$15,000 For 18 Year Olds To Start A Business
$3,000 To Work On A New Invention For Leaf Bags
$10,000 To Open A Dance Studio

Over 1 Million Entrepreneurs A Year Get Government Money For Their Business Including:

President George W. Bush - $200 Million
Vice President Dick Chaney - $3 Billion
Donald Trump – Millions
H. Ross Perot – Millions
Staples - $1.5 Million
Apple Computer - $3 Million
Federal Express - $5 Million
Outback Steakhouse - $151,000

April Film Company - $20,000
Ultrasound Magazine - $6,000
Lorraine’s Jazz Club - $50,000
Krista K Boutique - $10,000
Original Impulse Coaching Co - $1,000
Cherished Petals Flower Shop - $50,000
The Support Hose Store - $50,000
Texas Cheesecake Co - $4,200

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