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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Why use the Free Doorway Page Service at dreampal.com?

ANSWER: Because (1) it is a free service, (2) it assists you by creating additional doorway pages to your website, and (3) once you create a free doorway page, it can be automatically submitted to search engines that will crawl and spider your page and the links you provided... resulting in more hits and visitors for you. Moreover, everytime someone else creates a free page and submits it to search engines, the index page will eventually get re-crawled (by the spiders at Lycos and Webcrawler, etc.) and you'll get even more exposure!

The doorway page you create using dreampal.com's free service will automatically be formatted to be friendly to search engine robots and spiders. The page is designed to pull in traffic that will follow your links. You don't need to know HTML programming or META tag scripting... everything is done automatically for you!

QUESTION: How do I edit my page?

ANSWER: You need to login to edit your page. Go to the Login Page, then, supply your email address, and your password.

QUESTION: Can I edit my keywords after the page is created?

ANSWER: Once you create your page and SUBMIT it to the search engines, you SHOULD NOT edit your keywords or META tags. Therefore, take particular care when you create your page and make sure that all form boxes are filled out completely and to your satisfaction before you pass the page on to the search engine spiders. It is necessary to maintain the integrity of the robots list that spiders crawl. It happens too often that some people submit pages that present search spider with content that differs from what users expect to see. If you need to add more information or provide new links to content, you should consider creating a new gateway page so that a fresh crawl can be made.

QUESTION: What characters may I use when typing a page name?

ANSWER: You may only use standard alphanumeric characters (the letters A-Z, the numbers 0-9, and the dash "-" and underscore "_" characters) in the naming of your page. If you use other ASCII characters like: ?, #, &, $, @, etc., your page will be ignored by most search engine services. DO NOT type any SPACES or PERIODS in your page name!

QUESTION: Where does the title for my link on the index page come from?

ANSWER: It's from the pagename that you submitted:

    pagename   description
  1. example  Visitors can create a free doorway page at dreampal.com
The page name is taken from your input in this box:
Name of Page (one word only) 
Will be the name of your .htm file - CaSe SensiTivE!

The link description is taken from the META tag that is created from the input you provide in this box:
Page Description:
(Short sentence, 25 words or less, for Search Engines. NO special characters.)

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