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Affiliate Success Story - Dreampal Affiliates

An Affiliate Success Story

Mrs. B. Lee owns and operates an adorable web site. Recognizing the potential of Internet, Mrs. Lee, a housewife from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, decided to learn how to write home pages and launched her internet business in 1996.

According to Mrs. Lee, "Internet is the biggest invention since electricity. No medium like the Internet gives you such tremendous level playing fields where mom and pop business can compete with the big coporations. As long as one works hard and be persistent in the business, he/she can succeed."

"Dreampal's Affiliate Program is outstanding because unlike other programs, my site does not lose traffic!! The people in dreampal are superb and trustworthy as my earning checks come in every month like clock work. I highly recommend them to anyone who asks me about affiliate programs because I believe they are the best!"
-Mrs. B. Lee
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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