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Owning is Less Expensive than Renting: A simple way to figure out how expensive a home you can afford is to multiply your monthly rent by 200.

Renting and Inflation: What happens to your rent over time? Inflation. Over the next 30 years with a 3% inflation rate per year, your rent of $725 per month will balloon to $2,610 per month.

Down Payment and Mortgage Options: Mortgage companies have become more creative in the way they lend money. For instance, most first-time home buyers can only afford a 5% down payment plus closing costs. So mortgage companies now offer what is known as a piggy-back mortgage.

Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved: A prequalification is an informal discussion between you and a lender. A preapproval is based on an application and certain documentation that you give to the lender.

Closing Costs: At settlement you will be paying for lender’s fees, homeowner’s insurance, title insurance, recording fees, property taxes, courier/overnight fees, and notary fees.

Tax Benefits: When you file your annual income tax return, you can deduct most mortgage interest and property taxes.

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